Russell Feingold,
Master Teacher of Heart Wisdom

Russell Feingold Author of Heart WisdomRussell Feingold is a modern day Shaman and master healer. Born with the profound gift of being highly energetically sensitive, Russell had a mystical experience at the age of twenty that awakened him to a reality he never could have imagined. Life then took him on a journey of discovering how to integrate his awakening into daily life, work and relationships. He now expertly guides others on the path of integration.

As you go through your own awakening process, you may find challenges come up with integration into the reality of your own life as you integrate your awakening into your work and your relationships.

How do you live what you know is true in a world when what is true for you is so foreign to most everyone else?

When you engage with Russell, he will guide you to unravel the stress, tension and fear that may have kept you from living the life you know is really possible.

Over the last fifteen years, Russell has become a master of his craft through personally helping thousands of people including many of the leaders you know in the world of spirituality and personal development, such as Debbie Ford, Marcelyne Dyer, Arielle Ford and Andrew Harvey.

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