Heart Wisdom Interview Series
with Russell Feingold

Satyen Raja
Open to Love Now!
 Listen in as Russell Feingold, author of the book Heart Wisdom, interviews Heart Wise Warrior Satyen Raja in this dynamic dialogue. These two warrior brothers take an authentic, raw look at why we are suffering and how we can have a heart breakthrough to become who we truly are without question. Satyen dares us to “do what we’ve got to do NOW,” to apply our entire authentic selves and be Martin Luther King, Jr. NOW, be Mother Theresa NOW! The world needs us to act authentically and from our hearts NOW.
Learn more about Satyen and his work at www.WarriorSage.com/intimacy.


Brian Hilliard
Loving as a verb.
  Listen in as Russell interviews Seva extraordinaire, Brian Hilliard, and they cover what it means to truly “live from your heart.” Brian explains the first step in letting love lead is reach out to help others. He urges us to go out and lift someone’s spirits and make them feel like they are the most cared for person on the planet at that moment. “When you are just giving love for giving sake, the magic happens”. Let Love Lead!  Learn more about Brian through his wife’s website www.ArielleFord.com.


Tommy Rosen
Devotion vs. Commotion
 Listen in as Russell Feingold, author of the book Heart Wisdom, interviews Yoga Teacher and Addiction Recovery specialist, Tommy Rosen. Tommy uses the magical gifts of Yoga and Meditation to help people to recover from addictions and to build fulfilling lives. Listen in as Russell and Tommy discuss bhakti yoga, the path of devotion.
Learn more about Tommy and his work at www.TommyRosen.com.


Cynthia Kersey
Give and it shall be given!
 Listen in as Russell Feingold, author of the book Heart Wisdom, interviews Heart Wise Humanitarian, Cynthia Kersey in this lively dialogue. Cynthia is deeply devoting to giving and tells us ways to start our own “giving practice.” Her new campaign Give a little. Get a lot, shows us if we come together on purpose, we can solve many of the world’s problems of poverty and education. Sharing is the key and focusing your energies on giving brings deep fulfillment and prosperity.
Learn more about Cynthia and her life’s passion at Unstoppable.net.


Rawsheed Patton
Why go half way when you can go all the way? Listen in as Russell Feingold, author of Heart Wisdom interviews Heart Wise Chef, Rawsheed Patton in this beautiful dialogue. Rawsheed uplifts people with his food and song. He offers beginning steps to making changes in your life to open you up to the best version of yourself and also offers tips on detox and finding the best sources of food to fuel your body and your spirit. Learn more about Rawsheed and his work at www.Rawsheeds.com.


Suzanne Falter-Barns
Merging Commerce and Spirituality.
 Listen in as Russell Feingold, author of the book Heart Wisdom, interviews New Paradigm Platform Builder for your business, Suzanne Falter-Barns. Suzanne helps people live into their true potential and their “bigger” platform by helping to bring together spirit and commerce. Suzanne and Russell share how your gifts that you bring to the world can be your biggest transformative process yet.
Learn more about Suzanne and her work at GetKnownNow.com.


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