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Deep Relaxation: Guided Meditation by Russell Feingold

Russell Feingold's Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation Program is a magical journey into the heart of deep relaxation. It was created to deliver profound results for those who desire to relax effortlessly, quiet the mind and even fall asleep with the greatest of ease! It simply and gracefully guides you into a profound state of deep relaxation - It is quick, easy and it works!

Enjoy this program as it will do wonders for your health, heart, creativity and overall enjoyment of life.

Purchase your copy today! $44 (plus $4.95 S&H for physical CD)

Also available as Instant-Access Digital Download! $33

“Russell Feingold's Deep Relaxation Program is the most relaxing and awe-inspiring meditative journey to listen to. It is amazing! It works! If you want the awesomeness in relaxation, get this immediately.”

~ Jill Lublin, International Speaker and Best Selling Author of
   Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic

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