Transformational Healing with a Modern Day Shaman

Russell has the heart and courage to do what few in this world ever could or would. He helps you break free of the deep-seated conditioning and thought patterns that collectively hold us back from realizing our true nature and living the lives we know are possible. And he guides us to navigate the reality of integrating our awakening into our lives and relationships.

While working with Russell you will finally see the blind spots that have kept you from the life you know is possible and you will make core shifts that allow you to stay awake and aware as you move through your life.

Benefits of Russell’s Work:

  • Become aware of core patterns that have kept you stuck so you can move forward in your life with far more grace and ease.

  • Reconnect with your true nature, why you came here and what your purpose is on this planet.

  • Feel a living connection to spirit, God, the Universe.

  • Experience more compassion for yourself and others.

  • Resolve the internal unrest that prevents you from enjoying your life and relationships and compromises your health and well-being.

  • Free your mind and awaken to the wisdom of your heart.

If you are ready, seriously ready, to commit to doing the work of waking up to your authentic beingness, knowing what’s true for you, living it and setting yourself free, email our Support Team today at and request an application for a Wake Up! Call personally with me.

Email us today and request an application for your Wake Up! Call.

“Russell Feingold is an extraordinary healer with a remarkable ability to both correctly diagnose and heal energy blocks.”

~ Arielle Ford, bestselling author of
The Soulmate Secret

“Russell Feingold may serve as a model for other Inspirational Leaders and Life Coaches. He has an uncanny ability to discern between “The Story” and the underlying Truth of what is really happening in people’s lives. Russell brings a perfect blend of compassion, fun, and unrelenting realness to his clients and students. He leaves you with only one option... to choose to change your life.”

~ Joshua Mack, LMT, Healer & teacher, Founder of Hands On Wellness

“I have had the good fortune of working with Russell on numerous occasions over the past 10 years, as a personal coaching client and a participant in many of his programs. I am constantly amazed at his profound ability to get to the core of all issues with such wonderful ease, love and grace. Simply amazing!”

~ Dawn Piljek, Founding partner of Vital Life World, Delray Beach, FL

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